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Whether you call it a secured loan, a collateral loan, asset- back loan or secured line of credit, it starts with evaluating that asset.  Pawngo’s free evaluation process ensures you get the most value for your asset. See a complete list of assets we accept here. Don’t see your asset on our list? Call us! 

To get a free evaluation, fill out the form below or try our virtual assistant Gogo, located at the bottom of the page. Call us at 1-866-361-8808 any point during the process, we’re here to help!

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Fill out the form to request an evaluation and get an initial quote for your asset.


Overnight your asset to our Denver offices for your asset’s final evaluation. It’s safe, secure and insured.


Get your final loan offer and receive funds.

For more details on the loan process, visit How It Works, or why not call us at  1-866-361-8808? We can walk you through it.

We accept:

Luxury Vehicles

Luxury Vehicles

Gold and Precious Metals

Gold and Precious Metals

Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry

Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches
Dewey Burke, CEO, Pawngo

“74% of customers use us again.”

“99% Pay off their loan and reclaim their asset.”

See what our clients are saying about Pawngo!

“Fast service and friendly customer service. You are helping me out to pay my house insurance. I am a retired Veteran that collects SS and needed help paying off my house insurance and you (Pawngo) were the people willing to help.”
– D.F. from Dover, Delaware

“Very fast service. Quick response to all my questions and concerns. I did not think the process would run so smoothly but from start to finish it was very efficient. I have recently been divorced and decided to go back to school and now have to pay for tuition. I saw Pawngo’s CEO on the news and thought what a great concept so I decided to give you guys a try!”
– J.B. from Salt Lake City, Utah

“I researched and found you via Google and the Internet. I have had a total of five experiences with Pawngo. Your assistance has been very private, personable and quick. I am a big fan of you and your organization. I would highly recommend it to anyone in my type of situation who had the need and was willing to let go of material items to maintain life and day to day needs. I have had experiences in the past with normal local pawn dealers that were not so positive and left feeling cheated. With Pawngo, I did not have that issue.”
– J.B. From Winston Salem, North Carolina

“I want to thank you and Pawngo for making this ring selling experience super easy. I know I was a pain, emailing you every 15 minutes but you made everything work just as Pawngo promised. I’ll definitely recommend you and use you again. The process is SO much easier than using a traditional pawn shop or trying to sell an item on Craigslist etc…Thanks again.”
– R.D. from Maryland

Pawngo’s Finance and Client Service Team

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Deah Jones

Becky McDonnell

Jennifer Brown

Kim Marvos

Percie Powell

*Rates & Terms

At Pawngo, our contracts are transparent and we are upfront in regards to all costs associated with our transactions. The service fees for your item are determined by your contract amount.


  • $500 – $5,000,000+ Loans
  • No mandatory loan periods, terms are customized for each client
  • No mandatory repayment periods less than 60 days
  • Service fee rates vary and are determined by both asset category and loan amount; range from 4-10% monthly interest, no APR %
  • Client chooses whether to pay interest-only or interest and principal
  • No hidden fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No upfront charges or advance charges
  • No shipping charges, storage charges or insurance charges. If your asset is a titled vehicle, you will be required to maintain the insurance you currently have.

Loan Example

A client gets a loan of $10,000 from Pawngo and he/she has plans to keep the loan for 2 months. If the rate is 5% per month, the maximum payment to cover 2 months of interest and repay principal would be $11,000.

5% x $10,000 = $500 x 2 months = $1,000 of interest + $10,000 principal = $11,000

  • 30-day period between payments
  • No Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as clients determine the length of their loan, which can be as short as a few days
  • No minimum or maximum repayment period
  • No additional charges or hidden fees apply

Default Policy

  • 30-day period between loan payment due dates (i.e. monthly payments)
  • 15-day grace period AFTER due date before loan is in late status
  • Pawngo spends the next 45 days in communication with client on getting payments current. We communicate via both email and phone.
  • Only after 90 days with no payments AND no communication (phone or email) from a client would Pawngo default an asset.